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Limited edition art print

d o y o u m i n d a r t

Limited edition art print of a hand-painted and handmade collage.

Giclee certified print. The Giclee method is a high-quality print from a printer with environmentally friendly water-based ink in 11 colors.

Carefully selected FSC certified Hahnemühle, acid-free watercolor paper in 100% cotton with perfect texture.

The combination of Giclée printing on watercolor paper gives a minimal dot spread, which means that the image becomes very accurate and color saturated down to the smallest detail of the original.

This is a piece of art where craftsmanship and modern technology join to create a unique expression.


d o y o u m i n d a r t    .    KatrineEngman    .    .    tlf.50918044    .    cvr.38524542